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Showing Up Effortlessly

Showing up is the first step, but is it enough to just show up? How much credit should we actually give ourselves for showing up?

Just showing up is something. Of course it’s something, but is it enough? Is it even enough to justify our actions or work ethic? I guess it can be something to consider or be happy to just turn up. Maybe we should even reward ourselves for just showing up. I mean it’s something, but it is minimal. In fact, just showing up really is almost pretty much the bare minimum. But then again the minimum is also a step in the right direction.

We all have our off days, and it is not something to be down about or feel guilty when we have one. But even then we can still push ourselves or do what we can on the given day. Does it mean we should settle for less than our strongest effort just because we are having a draining or tough day? Should a tough day be a reason for not giving it our all even if it’s less than the usual?

It actually gets to me a bit when I’m frustrated about my training and someone says to me at least you made it to the gym. That for me is the minimum effort and I don’t really like to embrace it. I don’t like to celebrate my minimum effort. If I made it to the gym, then my next objective is I want to push myself. I want to give it everything I’ve got no matter how weak the session may be. But I have to give it my all. I have to give it my maximum effort.

That’s not to say that every day one can give maximum effort. Among others, there are two kinds of off days here. One is when you may actually be having a tough day. Things didn’t go to plan, you’re not performing at your best, you had a tough day at work, something bad happened to you, or you’re simply having a rough day mentally. Then there is the kind of day, where it’s more a feeling of laziness. It’s a regular or even a good day, you just don’t feel like doing too much.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to be lazy or have a lazy day as well and take it easy even on a good day. But that won’t help your chances. It won’t help you reach your goal. It’s often on these days that we discover what we are made of. It’s on a day where we feel less interested in our goals or we feel that things are stacked against us that we decide to face and hopefully overcome these challenges that can give us the energy to continue on and keep driving us forwards on a good day. It is how we know we can even when we feel we can’t.

There is also a difference between not achieving what you want to achieve while giving maximum effort and not achieving because you didn’t put in the effort. The one that gets me is when I don’t put in enough effort. Having a bad, rough, or low energy day is something that happens and I’m okay with it. It may be a day that I don’t achieve my objectives, but personally, I can’t be happy with or account for not putting the effort in.

Friends tell me that I’m too tough on myself, and maybe I am. But I hold myself accountable for my effort. Just showing up is not good enough for me. If I’m there, I want to work to do my best. I want to give it my all. If I don’t give it my all is when I get frustrated. Just showing up is not good enough for me. But then again, showing up is a step in the right direction.

This doesn’t only apply to fitness and training. It applies to everyday life as well. Pretty much everything we do requires work to achieve our goals. The amount of work or how hard we work will depend on what it is we our doing, our goals, and how we much want to achieve them. Adversely, our achievements will also depend on how much work we put in. I find that fitness reflects this aspect of our lives in general and I try to utilize fitness and training as my training to be stronger on this in every aspect of my life.

Founding partner at LIFE ON FITNESS. I'm a fitness enthusiast (not a fitness 'professional'). Being massively obese, I started my fitness journey at around the age of 14. It wasn't the cool thing to do yet, and didn't even know what my life was missing. It only got better as I researched, tried, studied, and tested evermore fitness elements and knowledge. I write my thoughts with the hopes of inspiring even one person to achieve their life goals as well as their fitness goals. But most importantly enjoy and get the best out of life.

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