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How To Get Started

Get started with LIFE ON FITNESS. Do you want to help more people? Thinking about online coaching or selling online? LIFE ON FITNESS makes it easy and free.

What does it take to add online training, attract more people to your methods and products, and to just be able to help more people?

If you want a course with a ‘first session free’ and then an expensive set of classes on becoming an online trainer, you won’t find it here. Similarly, you won’t find a high risk or expensive product or software that takes up all your time that you would otherwise be spending on helping your clients and perfecting your product.

At LIFE ON FITNESS, we want you to focus on your clients, the people you are helping, and your product. We want to help more people with their fitness and live their best lives with fitness, and therefore, want to give you, a qualified fitness professional, the platform to do that with minimum risk, no extra work, and no cost. All you need is to want to help more people and work on your products.

Getting started with LIFE ON FITNESS is simple and easy. Yes, both, simple and easy. It’s simple because it doesn’t take much thought, tech or business knowledge, and easy because it doesn’t take much time, work or effort to build your brand and earn passive income with us.

Helping People and Achieving More with it

The hard work is in your product, services, and with your clients as it should be. With the simplicity and minimum risk that the platform offers you as a fitness professional, you can focus on what matters most, your products, your clients, and helping people.

As you strive to and focus on helping people, working with LIFE ON FITNESS will only help you achieve that better and to a further extent without the usual immense efforts and excessive costs associated with it. The platform gives you the ability to generate a supplementary passive income from your products and programs.

Just like you, our goal is to help more people with their health, wellness, and fitness. The platform gives people the ability to reach your work in a trusted pre built manner.

Profile, Products, and URL

It’s a matter of completing your professional profile which will showcase your philosophy, method, talents, work, and experience. Your profile then becomes your own personal page with its own URL that can direct users, members, and guest directly to your page and products.

All your products as in program listings will be listed on your profile as well as the main page. Users will also have the ability to contact you through your profile as well as buy your programs from there directly. Your page will also include features such as a comment box (where members can comment on your work), review and rating feature (members can rate and review you work), follow option (with which members can follow you and see when you list another program), and sharing options (which members can use to share your profile and work on social media).

The custom URL is created when you create your account. It will direct users directly to you and your products on the platform. You can share it wherever you want to promote you work. Given that it is connected with the platform, it will also benefit immensely from the SEO work associated with it.

You are in control of your page, products, pricing, and all aspects associated with your work. It’s your brand, image, and product that we want to share with people. You set the price for your products as you believe their value’s worth and you take home up to ninety percent of it.

Commission at Transaction

To minimize your risk, the LIFE ON FITNESS platform is free to sign up, free to use, and free to list your products. The only time it will cost you anything is at the point of transaction, with LIFE ON FITNESS taking a small commission from the payment amount. In other words, we don’t benefit if you don’t benefit.

We will focus on constantly promoting you and your work while creating a better community, platform, and experience for you as a qualified professional as well as for members who want to get the best fitness work.

Verified Only

As we believe that qualifications are very important when it comes to providing fitness, health, wellness, nutrition, and dietary advice especially if you are asking for payment, to have a professional account on LIFE ON FITNESS, you must prove your qualifications. It’s simply a matter of completing and submitting our short verification form. Once it is submitted and reviewed, your account will be upgraded and you will then be able to start listing your products and start to benefit as a professional provider.

Remember, the work is really in your products and programs and as an experienced and qualified professional, you may already have tried and tested programs as such. LIFE ON FITNESS will help you to help more people by giving you the ability to offer them your products and programs.

Sign up and get started today.

If you have any questions, you’re not sure about how LIFE ON FITNESS can help and work with you, or want our help getting you started, simply email the team at

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  1. Great stuff! Looking forward to getting involved!


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