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Latest Program

Need a new fitness program you can do from home?

Looking for a fitness program you can do from home from an exceptionally experienced and qualified personal trainer and qualified fitness professional?

Check out the latest program on LIFE ON FITNESS.

Razz has just listed his first digital program. It is an eight week, five days a week full body routine for body composition and muscle gain.

This program can be done from home with minimal necessary equipment. It is perfect for working out from home in the current times while the gyms are closed or if you prefer not to go to the gym.

Razz has years of experience with training clients and high qualifications as well as competing as an athlete in the IFBB body building competitions. You can see more about Razz here.

He brings all this experience, knowledge, and more to this program.

Program duration is 5 days a week for 8 week, and you can perform the exercises at home.

You can find more information and buy the program here.

Program was created and is owned solely by Razvan Olariu. All rights reserved.

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