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Gym Community 101 – Community at the Gym And Why It Matters

Strength in numbers, how the community factor at the gym can be beneficial.

In the world of fitness and community at the gym, the old saying that there is ‘strength in numbers’ holds fundamental truth. All in all, we humans are inherently social creatures, and sometimes just the presence of other people within a respected gym community can empower you to do another rep or run another mile.

But why is that?

In general, there are many factors that can spike motivation and fitness commitment at the gym. Part of it often stems from the diversification of equipment, part is feeling inclusive within the environment amongst others with similar ambitions, and part is likely due to self-pride for going to the gym in the first place to better yourself. But the two primary reasons why a gym community is such an invigorating way to yield successful results boils down to two key umbrella terms – accountability and togetherness. Though two simple words, integrating yourself in a gym community that embodies this can inevitably help you unlock brand new levels of untapped fitness potential.

Why Community at the Gym Matters

Joining a respectful, camaraderie-oriented gym community matters a lot regarding your results and dedication towards sticking with your goals. In fact, an NCBI study found that 95% of people who embarked on a weight loss program with friends actually completed it and were 42% more likely to keep the weight off than those who did it alone. In addition, those who worked out around people who were more advanced than them increased their workout duration and intensity by a whopping 200%, according to researchers at Kansas State University. Other elements that a gym community can offer are:

  • Newfound friendships
  • Positive, uplifting attitudes
  • Feelings of encouragement, reassurance, and accomplishment
  • Bonds that convert into a fitness family
  • Ability to learn and try different routines
  • In-person support and guidance
  • Inspiration to keep pushing and doing better

The best part is that even if you head to the gym yourself, you will begin to form an inclusive bond with those around you as you all simultaneously grind your way through a tough workout, especially if you are all regulars and expect to see each other on a scheduled basis. They may even provoke you to break past mental/physical barriers or try different routines to optimize your training. In other words, don’t underestimate the power that a gym community can have at surfacing your true capacities; you may even shock yourself when you see what you are capable of when surrounded by like-minded people.

Summary – Smash Your Fitness Goals, Together

In summary, home workouts certainly have their own set of benefits and advantages. I mean, who doesn’t love the ability to work out in the convenience and privacy of their home? However, there is no denying that pushing yourself harder and sticking to a routine can be challenging if you are doing it alone. This is where joining a healthy gym community and throwing accountability and togetherness into the picture (in conjunction with the Köhler Effect) can effectively keep you on track and inspired to reach your peak training performance. With that, it stands to reason why people are slowly returning to the ‘community at the gym’ scene now that the dust is finally settling with the pandemic – questing to gain that overdue sense of belonging.

The bottom line here is that a gym community can be a wonderful way to bolster your training, performance, and overall happiness, but only if it aligns with you and how you want to approach your fitness objectives. With that being said, do what is best for you to maximize your results and remember that joining a community at the gym is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of deal. But if there is one thing for certain, if accountability and togetherness are on your prioritization list, then joining a gym community is a sure-fire way to help fill those voids and obtain that connective foundation to spearhead your fitness goals.

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