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Almost There

The countdown has begun. With the road map back to normalcy already in motion, we can’t wait for the hospitality industry to reopen. Our favorite past times and activities will be back soon and hopefully for the long term. Not much longer now.

It is just over a month now until the gyms, restaurants, and pubs will be allowed to open their doors again in England. It’s been a long, tough, painful, and challenging period, but thankfully, the end is in reach. The light at the end of the tunnel draws nearer. On April 12th, gyms will reopen. Funnily enough it is the same day that pubs and restaurants also reopen.

Our question for you, therefore, is which one will you visit first:

the gym,

the pub,

or the gym then straight to the restaurant/pub?

You don’t have to wait for the gyms to reopen to start working on your health, wellness, and fitness. Find a program that works for you, and get started today.

Fitness professionals can get started with LIFE ON FITNESS here.

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