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Rating My Lockdown

How would you rate your lockdown experience so far? What new things have you tried or started doing? I’ve had a go at rating mine, if for nothing more than my own wellness and sanity. Have fun with it and rate your own lockdown…

With lockdown in many places beginning to ease, while other places continuing or are even being made more stringent, I thought I’d have a go at looking and rating at my own experience – Here goes:

I laughed, got angry, I got frustrated, and happy. I exercised 4 – 6 times a week, sometimes, if I felt good, twice a day.

I’ve been reading more than usual, almost more than I’ve been watching. But I also watched more than usual.

I worked, and helped others with their work (from home of course), and gave myself a haircut for the first time.

Have slept more than usual, but also found myself, at times, lying awake.

I shared my experience, caught up with people, and had too many video chats, also reconnecting with people who I haven’t been in touch with for years.

I’ve been grateful, hopeful, positive, negative, pessimistic, optimistic, angry, happy, active, sleepy, hungry, satisfied, motivated, demotivated, frustrated, disciplined and not so disciplined, I could go on.

I baked bread and cookies for the first time in years. I ate chocolate more than usual, and of course ate some of my own cookies.

I’ve stayed home trying to do my part, stifling as it was. No gym, but I have done thousands of squats, pullups, and push-ups among the many other exercises, challenging myself and my resolve with different exercise routines including thousand rep challenges.

I motivated, helped motivate others, while others helped motivate me. I lost a bit of my sanity at times, but got some new sanity at others.

I’ve been consuming fewer calories than usual on the whole, but have been enjoying the calories and the not so healthy snacks when I’ve had them without guilt. I’ve cooked more than usual, drank lots of coffee, and managed a few beers.

But most importantly, with all of this the good and the bad, I have been mostly healthy. I haven’t suffered as much as many others. The virus hasn’t hit me or most of those closest to me like it has with others. I am still alive and able to tell this long, un-winded, and let’s face it, not so interesting tale.

I rate my lockdown all in all a ten out of ten. Although, maybe a five out of five, or three out of three, or even a fifteen out of fifteen at different points of it. Yes, as I said, I lost my sanity…..a bit. But I’m alive, so I’ll give it a ten out of ten.

-Mental health is a big part of our health and wellness, and current circumstances of lockdown and isolation can have an impact on it. Writing this has actually been an interesting and somewhat soothing and cathartic exercise. Why not have a go for yourself. Rate your lockdown…

4 comments on “Rating My Lockdown

  1. Sam Jamal

    Wow such a cool post. Inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mosh Cohen

      Thank you Sam.

      How has your lockdown experience been and how would you rate it?


  2. I enjoyed reading this. It’s lively and refreshing.


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