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Upper Body Functional Fitness Program by Ioana

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Ioana is an experienced personal trainer with a Masters in Sports Science and level 3 personal trainer qualifications. She brings with her over 9 years of experience, helping many people reach their optimal fitness and wellness goals along the way. Her preferred method is to help people feel better physically and mentally. While her routines are intense, they are designed to keep you feeling your best without hating every moment of it.

You can see more about Ioana here.

Tone your upper body while feeling healthier both physically and mentally with this Upper Body Functional Conditioning Training Program by Ioana.

This program is a progression program based around two sessions a week for six weeks. The exercises included in the routine can be done in the gym or at home with minimal equipment. You can also adjust the sessions to fit your fitness level, desired intensity, and schedule.

Each session is one hour long, but can be shortened to fit in with the time you have. However, for the best results, you should complete all the sessions in full.

You can find more details and purchase the program here.

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