Thankful Thanksgiving Thursday
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Thankful Thursday

Thanksgiving or no Thanksgiving, it’s good to be thankful. Being thankful doesn't conflict with being hungry for more. It can be a platform to build on in tricky situations.

When I lived in Los Angeles, we would have Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. We would go around the table, as a tradition, and each individual would say something they were thankful for over the year.

The UK doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving as it’s an American holiday. But living in London now, I still try to think about what I’m thankful for.

I find that when I’m in a challenging situation, in fitness and in life, or can’t see things falling into place at any given point in time, thinking about what I’m thankful for helps. Thinking about what I already have and being thankful for it starts a positive thought process that allows me to rethink a predicament or circumstance and face the given challenge.

Being thankful isn’t a conflict with being hungry for more. In fact, it can be the platform and catalyst for moving strong and achieving more.

If you are having Thanksgiving dinner, enjoy it. Don’t worry too much about how fatty or carb filled the nicely cooked pies and dishes are either. Just enjoy it, and if it makes you feel better, just make it your cheat day.

You don’t need Thanksgiving to be thankful, but it’s nice to have a day to reflect on this. Thankfulness is often a good platform to build on. Enjoy your dinner, the company of family and friends, share it with someone who needs it, and stay thankful my friends!

Originally written and posted by Mosh for LIFE ON FITNESS on November 28, 2019.

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