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It’s a New Year, See?

Why should I even bother with my new year’s resolutions, setting goals, or even making any plans for 2021?

It’s that time of year again. Yes, the dreaded new year’s resolution time. Most years, almost everywhere you look on social media someone is posting about their resolutions. It looks like people are a little bit hesitant or aren’t really bothering with it this year. I mean after a year like 2020, why bother? I know it threw a spanner or five in some of my resolutions as I’m certain it has done for others. But it’s a new year, so maybe we should.

Considering the s**t most of us had to endure this year, it may seem laughable and premature to even think about a resolution for the coming year. And going into the new year, who even knows what it has in store for us. There is still a lot of uncertainty. Travel and our social lives still seem to be on hold as well as gyms being closed in many countries. We will have to consider the impact these will have on our lives and how we approach 2021 the best we possibly can as our individual selves.

It is important to think about it though, I believe, because as the circumstances around us continue to be challenging, we need to consider how we ourselves can affect our own lives. How we can set and achieve our goals. How we can go about trying to create a better year for ourselves. How we deal with our individual conditions even in the tough surroundings.

Putting this past year behind us will definitely be easier said than done. But we need to look forward. It won’t fix this last year of course and won’t even necessarily put us back to the same starting point of the beginning of 2020. The point is though, it’s probably best to try to look back at the year and only take any lessons and bright spots (which for many are non-existent) that we can, and learn how to move forward in 2021.

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Let’s take our fitness goals for example. We know that gyms could be closed on and off over the coming months and maybe throughout the year, but we can learn from this past year that it doesn’t mean our health, wellness, and fitness has to suffer. It doesn’t mean we should give up on our achievements and goals even if it’s not exactly how we want it to be. Even if we don’t have all the tools which would usually be available to us, one can still work on their health and fitness. This applies even if we can’t achieve our goals in full.

So do we make a new year’s resolution this year?

If you do it every year, I personally think you should do it this year all the same. It’s not about whether you have stuck to it in the past or may not be able to stick to it that is the question here, it’s the idea of even bothering to start with.

It will probably have a lower starting point, but there is still a lot we can achieve. If your goal last year was to squat 100kg, it can be the same this year or to simply maintain your squats to the extent that you can. You can at least try to achieve it. If your goal was to lose weight, there are many ways you can still do that. If your goal was to eat healthier, or just eat less junk food, again you can achieve that. Maybe just knowing that we can certainly expect uncertainty can help us navigate the obstacles which the uncertainty around us will be sure to fling at us. Don’t just give up or resign to the notion that circumstances may cause you to fail before you’ve even started.

There are many ways we can adapt our resolutions, goals, and how we go about achieving them especially as we already know that we are going to have extra challenges to factor in.

We were strong this year. We came out of it mostly in one piece. We can do one better this year ahead. Take the positives, experiences, and what we have learned this year with us.

Granted, we may not be able to travel as freely, or even reach our highest fitness goals, but we can still achieve something and have some life experiences. Even a small achievement is an achievement. Don’t give up just because you may not be able to achieve the biggest goals before you’ve even started. Who knows, you may even be able to achieve some amazing things which you never dreamed were possible or even thought of.

Happy New Year!

Founding partner at LIFE ON FITNESS. I'm a fitness enthusiast (not a fitness 'professional'). Being massively obese, I started my fitness journey at around the age of 14. It wasn't the cool thing to do yet, and didn't even know what my life was missing. It only got better as I researched, tried, studied, and tested evermore fitness elements and knowledge. I write my thoughts with the hopes of inspiring even one person to achieve their life goals as well as their fitness goals. But most importantly enjoy and get the best out of life.

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