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Short Workouts You Can Do From Home

Gym or no gym, don’t let your fitness go by the wayside. Keep your health, wellness, and fitness levels up with these workouts.

Although it’s a new year, it appears that gyms may still be closed in many places for a few weeks and on and off potentially throughout the year. It’s important to stay physically active for your health, wellness, and fitness. Don’t let the stresses around you and the fact that you can’t go all out be the reason you do nothing at all.

You can of course go for a walk or run if the regulations allow, but here are a few exercise sessions from some of the LIFE ON FITNESS qualified fitness professionals that you can do from home.

Full Body Fitness, Fat Burners, and HIIT Workouts

Live HIIT class with Razz

Duration 36:55 Minutes – Full body HIIT with no equipment

Live fitness class with Joe

Duration 31:50 Minutes – Full body no equipment exercises

20 Min Extreme Fat Burn Workout (at home, no equipment)

By Razz – Duration 19:57 Minutes – Full body fat burn at home no equipment

Individual Muscle Group Workouts

10 Minute Perfect Back Workout (At Home, No Equipment)

By Razz – Duration 10 Minutes – Can be done from home, no equipment necessary. Yoga/exercise mat recommended

10 Minute Perfect Triceps Workout (At Home, No equipment)

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