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Physical Activity Recommendations from WHO

The benefits and risks of staying active and sedentary behavior. Recommendations and guidelines of the duration and type of physical activity you should do recommended by the World Health Organization.

The WHO, World Health Organization, the chief global health organization that has been at the forefront of the global pandemic battle has come through with physical activity guidelines. With obesity being a major talking point and concern in the global discussion of health as well as a factor in the increasing danger of the COVID-19 disease, they looked at and developed some guidelines based on the science of the matter.

Most of us who already incorporate physical activity and exercise into our day to day lives know how important it is for our health and wellness. However, it is gratifying when a global scientific body directly ratifies a notion that we believe in. It also shows its importance to those who are unaware of it, sceptical, or simply haven’t started yet.

It brings the topic to the front of the conversation and enables us to further understand what it is we need to do to stay healthy and well especially in a time where we can easily feel demotivated and get overly comfortable with lack of movement with the many rationalizations or pretexts currently available in our reach.

What makes the science so important here is that it will often express or suggest the minimum effort that would be considered to achieve an optimum average level of health. Of course, everyone has different circumstances, lives, body types, medical histories, struggles, and challenges. Therefore, it is important to consider the guidelines but also consider how they will fit and work within our individual situation.

It’s also important to note the type of exercise that should be performed as well as the amount or time one should spend doing it every week, and WHO has put together these comprehensive recommendations which now include people living with chronicle illness and disability. You can find the full breakdown and guidelines here.

While we are all cooped up at home without many options of places to visit as heavy restriction have been placed on socializing and events to fight the virus, much of our passive movement is limited. This makes it even more important to stress actual daily physical activity for our wellbeing as well as to make up for the day to day movement we are losing by being confined to more sedentary behaviour.

Remember, if you’re not or haven’t been very physically active, you don’t have to jump straight to the full recommended daily measure of physical activity and probably shouldn’t. You can start small and work your way up.

We want to hear from you. What physical activity are you doing to keep up your health, wellness, and fitness?

The fact sheet put out by WHO also outlines the benefits and risks of physical activity and sedentary behavior along with its breakdown of the guidelines and recommendations.

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