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Lazarus Fitness, Adam’s Story

Adam's story. Who he is. How he started and got into personal training. His motivation, philosophy and programs.

Growing up in Harrow, North West London, Adam found his love for sports and exercise at a young age. He joined swimming competitions and like many here in the UK, he played football regularly. After graduating high school and achieving his GCSE’s, the idea of following the nine to five route didn’t really appeal to him. So he forged a different path for himself. Combining his love for exercise and helping people, Adam decided it was a no-brainer to qualify as a personal trainer.

Looking back fondly on his six plus years in the profession, Adam has helped many clients both at the public gyms and privately. One of his fondest triumphs is when he helped a gentleman in his late seventies achieve better health and mobility. On other occasions, he has even helped brides-to-be get healthier and more toned for their big day.

“Consistency is king”

Adam Lazarus

To achieve it, one must be consistent and consistently work at it. Adam lives by this philosophy and tries to instill it in his programs and clients as well. While he does enjoy the odd cheat meal here and there, Adam is strict with his diet for seventy five percent of the year especially when he is working on achieving his desired body fat percentage. However, he is always very stringent and consistent when it comes to his training.

He started his journey by watching YouTube videos and applying the principles and exercises he learned in the gym. Continuing to play football, run, and swim, Adam went onto compete in the 2019 St Alban’s Men’s Physique competition. Learning, applying, achieving, he built his knowledge base, qualifications, and experience, serving clients and developing a strong track record and body of work. 

For me, Adam explains, It’s the thought and idea of becoming someone that my future self would be proud of. It’s about pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Self-development is so important to me, improving myself and my skills, motivates me. Watching his clients improve and achieve their goals puts the icing on the cake and drives him further.

Aside from his passion for fitness, Adam finds that he gets many benefits from it. Chief among them are confidence, improved mood, increased strength and determination. However, he also takes some down time, which for him is important to keep up the passion.  So when not pushing himself, Adam likes to travel, cook, eat out, watch films and read books.

If there was one piece of advice, Adam would recommend that you plan your exercise and nutrition carefully and with care and thought, explaining that nutrition is 75% of how we look with exercise making up the other 25%. So put your food first and eat towards your individual goals. And if you find going to the gym is boring, consider training with a friend, or keeping fit by doing some type of sport like swimming, running or a martial art.

For beginners, Adam recommends that you pace yourselves when at the gym and allow your progress to be gradual.  Put correct technique at the forefront of your training and always ask for help from a professional if needed. If you really don’t know where to start, or even if you feel like you have reached a plateau, consider personal training. A qualified trainer with experience can push you further and teach you useful skills and knowledge that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Now, Adam is focused on achieving his goal of building his online fitness business, Lazarus Fitness. He has put pen to paper, compiling his knowledge and experience, and created some easy to follow programs, which you can now buy here, to help you achieve your goals. He plans to also compete in more boxing and bodybuilding competitions in the near future.

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