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The Key to Consistency

If consistency is key, what does it mean to be consistent, and what are the keys to consistency? How do you stay consistent?

You hear people talking a lot about consistency and how it’s key in fitness especially now around the new year. It really is the key to achieving your goals in fitness and in life. But what does it really mean, and what is the key to consistency?

I may be controversial in saying that consistency in fitness doesn’t mean going to the gym or exercising every day or even six times a week. I often hear people say you have to train six times a week, and go hard to be consistent. But I have to argue that this isn’t the meaning of consistent.

The essence of consistency is really a form of behaviour in which one acts the same way over time. In reality you can achieve your fitness goals by exercising even three times a week as long as you stick to it over time.

In working to achieve your fitness goals, consistent nutrition, rest, and other aspect are also important, not just in training.

Personally I find that setting myself an achievable target and number of times I train really helps me be consistent. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I really enjoy training, but I do have a harder time being consistent with my sleep and rest. I also find that having a program and plan of what I want to do on the day helps as well.

What works for you? If consistency is the key to success, what are your keys to consistency?

Founding partner at LIFE ON FITNESS. I'm a fitness enthusiast (not a fitness 'professional'). Being massively obese, I started my fitness journey at around the age of 14. It wasn't the cool thing to do yet, and didn't even know what my life was missing. It only got better as I researched, tried, studied, and tested evermore fitness elements and knowledge. I write my thoughts with the hopes of inspiring even one person to achieve their life goals as well as their fitness goals. But most importantly enjoy and get the best out of life.

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