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Fit for Fifteen or Thirty Minutes with Joe

fit class with joe on youtube

This fitness session is still available on YouTube. It comprises of a short warm up, fifteen minutes of high intensity exercises, a few minutes of abs, and a cool down. It’s simple, yet oh so effective.

It’s not the clearest video, but this session can be done anywhere.

The exercise session is set out as what is only essentially three exercises in circuits. Each circuit you add two reps for each exercise. The first circuit starts with two repetitions for each exercise. After a short break, you perform the second set which consists of four repetitions for each exercise and so it goes for six sets, ending with twelve reps each exercise.

Joe explained that the exercises chosen are three bodyweight compound exercises which target specific muscle groups, but utilise the full body to accomplish – push ups, inchworms, and jump squats.

The best part of this training circuit is that you can extend it or shorten it as you please. For example, if you don’t have enough time, you can shorten it to five circuits and end on ten reps. Whereas if you have more time and want to push yourself further, you can at circuits and work your way to twenty repetitions for each exercise.

We’ve been doing it three times a week as a fifteen minute high intensity session. You can even perform it as a pyramid. For example, work your way up to twelve reps each exercise then make your way back down to two reps per exercise. You can even go up to more reps than twelve per exercise and then bring it back down. However, you should try completing it within thirty minutes. Try it, we have, and it works!

FIT from home with Joe.

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