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Great Class!

Thank you Razz for the awesome live fitness class, and to everyone who joined – LIVE HIIT Class with Razz.

It was cold outside. His workout mat flying away. It didn’t stop him from giving the class. It even started hailing, but Razz braved it and kept going. Not only was it a good workout, Razz also showed in this class that when challenges arise, we overcome them. Fitness at its finest.

If you missed the class, you can still catch it, not live, but follow along with the class in real time and enjoy a good workout on YouTube here.

You can follow Razz and his fitness awesomeness on Instagram: @razz_ifbb and his YouTube channel: RazzvanPhysique.

We hope to bring you more live classes from different professionals. Please stay tuned for further updates and information.

If you are a fitness professional who would like to get involved, or if you enjoyed this class, or would like to enjoy more classes, simply get in touch with us here.


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