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Need a Home Workout Programme But Don’t Have Any Fitness Equipment?

Many of the home programmes that are available more often than not include exercises you can do from home, but do require some equipment. A small amount of equipment, but equipment nonetheless. However, programmes that use only bodyweight and body movements without any equipment at all are not very common and hard to find.

Samson Hodin, having worked in the fitness industry for the last 14 years and being a sportsperson his whole life, developed just the programme utilizing conventional and unconventional movements to ensure maximum performance from bodyweight and body movements only. Absolutely no fitness equipment including bands, dumbbells, bars, or heavy objects required.

Samson’s focus has always been on programmes and techniques that develop lasting strength, good posture, lean muscle, endurance, cardio, mobility & all-round athleticism.

You can see more about Samson, his work, and his programmes here.

Workout from home with this bodyweight only fitness programme with absolutely no fitness equipment necessary by Samson Hodin. Full programme available here.

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