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Missing the Gym Yet?

What is it you miss most about the gym? If it's the people, vibe and energy, well we hope to be able to help with that.

Well so are we. While we can’t provide you with the fitness equipment, we can offer the usual overcrowded space with not the best music usually found at the gym 😃.

This is a FREE service for all fitness professionals, enthusiast, self improvers, active determined, exercise hungry, movement jumpy, gym rats, gym bunnies, all fitness levels individual. We want to help you stay active, well, and healthy.

Welcome to our virtual gym. It’s tough staying motivated to workout and we know you miss working out with others or wearing your favorite gym outfits. The best part is, you can train from anywhere. So jump in, exercise together, jump out. This is not a class, but a space for everyone to workout together. Bring good vibes, and please respect the space and your fellow members.

We currently have two opening times, lunch time and evenings. Lunch opening hours are Sunday to Friday 12:00-2:00pm (BST) and evening opening times are Sunday to Thursday 6:00-8:00pm (BST). Opening hours may vary.

There is a limited Capacity, so please register the times when you will be attending. You can register for lunch time hours here and evening hours here.

By registering for this meeting, you agree to follow the (virtual) gym rules and LIFE ON FITNESS terms and conditions.

It’s BYOE (Bring Your Own Equipment)

Basic gym rules:
1)You must be 18 years or older to join
2)Your camera should remain on at all times while in the gym*
3)You must wear appropriate clothing at all times
4)No nudity (including topless) or sexual and explicit activity allowed at any time
5)You must respect the space and fellow members at all times
6)Members will be muted upon entry and may be kept on mute at all times
7)You will not promote yourself, your activity, brand, business or other without explicit permission from LIFE ON FITNESS
8)You are here to exercise, challenge yourself, push yourself, stay active and not mess about

Of course don’t forget to re-rack and wipe down your equipment 😆.

LIFE ON FITNESS reserves the right to remove you from the gym should you be in breach of the above rules and at its discretion.

*Except LIFE ON FITNESS team, host, and or co-host

Disclaimer – LIFE ON FITNESS is not responsible for any injuries sustained directly or indirectly during your time in or with the LIFE ON FITNESS gym (room).

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